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Zendrum Alternative
(c. 2009, 1 shows)

Lotus Dog

Genre: Alternative
Instrument: Zendrum
Website: http://www.myspace.com/lotusdog


“The Love”

This was the first group that I ever played 100% Zendrum with and it was quite fun. The artist had previously recorded a demo with an old-school, synth-based drum machine, so I tried to emulate that sound as much as I could. The end result was a bit weird as the drums sound both simulataneously dated and fresh to me. All these tracks were taken from a rehearsal with no additional engineering so they’re a bit rough around the edges. [download]


Super fun song to play on Zendrum once it kicks in. Basically I played the groove on my right hand while my left was all over the toms. [download]


If I’m remembering correctly this was just a stock kit off of an Alesis DM-Pro. Certainly a dated sound, but it fit the circumstances. [download]


Pretty sure I played this entire ballad with one hand — gotta love the Zendrum 🙂 [download]

“Message In a Bottle”

The one cover that we did. In retrospect it needed far more snare and fills. [download]

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