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Acoustics Rock
(c. 1994, 0 shows)

Wallace Hartley

Genre: Rock
Instrument: Acoustics


“God Strike Me Down”

What a great tune! This one sums up my 90’s era drumming in one neat package. The intro is easily one of my all time favs. I’m sure I could improve on it today, but it’s not too shabby where it is. Other notable points are the hi-hat barking on the accents, the ‘ands’ on the ride bell and the open armed tambourine and tom fills. The back and forth half-time feel is a great device as well. I used that one to excess in an even older project called Mesa that I did with a fella named Joe Hoffman. I don’t have any surviving material from that era though. [download]

“Camping Song”

Darn it all if I can’t remember the original name of this track. ‘The Camping Song’ will have to do for now – I’ve misplaced all my original notes at this point.

This was a really fun song to play, and clearly from my roto-tom, woodblock, tambourine and cowbell days – judging by the weird drum break near the end. [download]

“In the Last Hour”

An exercise in dynamics. We deconstructed all these tunes to play them minimalisticly in coffee shops. That usually meant me using just bass, hats and snare – with brushes or blasticks. Most of the songs didn’t really translate all that well, except for this one. I always like the unplugged version better — wish I had a recording of it :/ [download]


Back in the early 90’s I was obsessed with the history of the RMS Titanic and her sister ships. The name of this group was taken from the name of the band leader on that ill-fated maiden voyage. Of course James Cameron came along a few years later and sucked all the coolness outta that name :/

I’ve always liked the simple, bouncy care-nothing feel of this tune, although my attempt at overdubbing some bongos really ruins it — lesson learned. [download]

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