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Acoustics Alternative
(c. 2000, 0 shows)

Motion Control

Genre: Alternative
Instrument: Acoustics



I really liked the tightness of the drums on this one.. the cross-sticking, the tom flams and the syncopated breakdown in the middle. My splashes make a rare appearence in here as well. There is a false ending followed by an instrumental breakdown. About as classy as we got on this album. [download]


The original demo for this was done on a drum machine. My instructions were to ‘keep it the same, but make it more organic’. Well, this is what you wind up with. I remember having to concentrate on staying awake when playing this one. Just sitting in the pocket like that always make me zone out. I think you can count the total number of crashes in here on one hand ;). Oh and it fades out at the end because, well, there never was an ending. When we would rehearse it, we’d just sorta stop after a while. I do remember we played this once at an outdoor concert. I don’t recall how we ended it then though. [download]


The artist I was working for on this album had a strong dislike for ride cymbals and wanted nothing but hats on everything. We butted heads on this constantly, but in the end I’m glad I conceded. This song in particular would have been ruined if I had switched to the ride for the choruses. In the end, sticking to hats-only really helped focus the sound and I’m very happy how it turned out. [download]

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