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(c. 2006, 0 shows)

Article 134

Genre: Electronic
Instrument: Electronics



A pretty straight forward tune. Only odd thing here, at least from my perspective, was the interplay of the drums with the keyboards. There is a recurring synth peal that ends with a sharp crack. It took a lot of concentration for me to nail these since my tracks went down before the keyboards. I really like the simplicity of the eighth note kick drum hits during the chorus. Took a minimal amount of effort on my part, but really picked up those parts without being overbearing. [download]

“Voices In My Head”

I’ve had many people who’ve heard this track swear that that’s a drum machine on there. They seem genuinely shocked when I tell them ‘no, that’s really me’. That’s actually a pretty high compliment since that’s more or less the intended feel for a dance beat like this. It really was dirt simple to pull off though. ‘Four on the floor’ kick, eighths on the hats, snare on two and four with a click track keeping it ultra precise. Most drummers can probably do it in their sleep. The crush rolls on the snare are my favorite part. Definitely required a triggered pad, I don’t think I could pull it off on an acoustic snare and still have the same feel. [download]

“Rio II”

This was meant as an homage to Duran Duran’s classic ‘Rio’. I tried to include bits from the original back into it. The driving 16th notes kinda got lost in the wash, but still add to the tension of the breakdown when they are absent. The flirty double-time feel at the end is another of my old 90s tricks, where I’d often double or even invert the back-beats during bridges. Note that the 4 quarter notes at the beginning are not meant to be part of the final song. These were audible queues used for layering the keyboard tracks. [download]

“Hey Katie”

This early production take features just drums and bass and illustrates the recording process as we approached it. All tracks started out this way, with me playing to a click track and establishing the basic feel of the song with the bassist. All the other instruments and vocals were then added later. This track has me revisiting some of my old tricks. Note the usage of ride pings on the ‘ands’, with the high hat filling in with my left hand. I used to use this trick to excess back in the 90s. [download]

“In One Day”

This track is a little further along. It’s still missing vocals, but the keyboard tracks have been laid down. This highlights a bit more of the minimalist approach I had to take to this project, to keep things from sounding too busy as the other layers are added. Note the use once again of playing on the ‘ands’ — this time by simply barking the hats. With simple tunes, it’s fun to try to sneak in little bits of flare like that. [download]

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