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Electronics Alternative
(c. 2007, 1 shows)

Hadley Hill

Genre: Alternative
Instrument: Electronics
Website: http://www.myspace.com/hadleyhill


“The Final Nail”

This was our heaviest tune, although it certainly doesn’t start out that way. The beginning consists of just light hihat and cross sticking, but by the end of the song I’m wailing on pretty much every surface I’ve got! [download]


This is the track we started our sets with. Nothing flashy, just a song designed to grab attention and set the tone for the first part of the set. Drumming-wise things are fairly subdued — main goal with this one is to just hold down the fort. [download]

“Like Water In the Lungs”

This was one of the more complicated songs that we did as far as structure goes. There’s quite a bit happening in here. My playing on this one was constantly in flux as I couldn’t ever seem to decide on a part that I was consistently happy with. [download]

“That’s the Spirit”

Not much to say here except, ‘I gotta have more…. sleigh bell! [download]

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