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Here are some samples of tracks I’ve played on throughout the years, warts and all.

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“Whisper Not”

By Benny Golson. [download]

“Five Brothers”

By Gerry Mulligan. [download]

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Dan Lavorel (Ambient)

“Paradise Lost”

Sample-wise, I really phoned this one in. The drums I used were exactly the same as the ones from “That’s the Spirit” with Hadley Hill (see below), although they seem to match the mood of the song well enough. The doublebass at the end of the heightened sections was a bit sloppy, but I later got better at these. [download]

Stan Shook (Blues)

“Hey Brother”

Bouncy, jazzy tune in 3/4 (or 6/8 depending on your bent). [download]

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Hadley Hill (Alternative)

“The Final Nail”

This was our heaviest tune, although it certainly doesn’t start out that way. The beginning consists of just light hihat and cross sticking, but by the end of the song I’m wailing on pretty much every surface I’ve got! [download]

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Article 134 (Electronic)


A pretty straight forward tune. Only odd thing here, at least from my perspective, was the interplay of the drums with the keyboards. There is a recurring synth peal that ends with a sharp crack. It took a lot of concentration for me to nail these since my tracks went down before the keyboards. I really like the simplicity of the eighth note kick drum hits during the chorus. Took a minimal amount of effort on my part, but really picked up those parts without being overbearing. [download]

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