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Here are some samples of tracks I’ve played on throughout the years, warts and all.

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Lotus Dog (Alternative)

“The Love”

This was the first group that I ever played 100% Zendrum with and it was quite fun. The artist had previously recorded a demo with an old-school, synth-based drum machine, so I tried to emulate that sound as much as I could. The end result was a bit weird as the drums sound both simulataneously dated and fresh to me. All these tracks were taken from a rehearsal with no additional engineering so they’re a bit rough around the edges. [download]


Super fun song to play on Zendrum once it kicks in. Basically I played the groove on my right hand while my left was all over the toms. [download]

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Hadley Hill (Alternative)

“The Final Nail”

This was our heaviest tune, although it certainly doesn’t start out that way. The beginning consists of just light hihat and cross sticking, but by the end of the song I’m wailing on pretty much every surface I’ve got! [download]

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Motion Control (Alternative)


I really liked the tightness of the drums on this one.. the cross-sticking, the tom flams and the syncopated breakdown in the middle. My splashes make a rare appearence in here as well. There is a false ending followed by an instrumental breakdown. About as classy as we got on this album. [download]

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