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Darin Kadrioski

Darin Kadrioski is the creator of Zendrum Studio.

Darin is a software engineer by day and a drum fiend by night. His garage is affectionately referred to as the “drum cave” due to his ever expanding collection of acoustic and digital drums and paraphernalia.

Darin first picked up the sticks at the tender age of 9 and has been mercilessly annoying his neighbors ever since. Darin learned the basics of the craft in elementary, middle and high school by participating in every class and extracurricular band activity available, including marching, orchestral, pep and jazz bands as well as small bass, drum and piano combos for choir ensembles. After high school, Darin graduated into Detroits’ ever expanding music scene.

Known in Detroit for driving such bands as “Motion Control”, “Junk Science”, “Mesa” and “Wallace Hartley”, Darin now resides in Northern California wine country.

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