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While I’ve been Reaper fanatic for some time now, I’ve only recently begun to dig into programming my own effects, purely out of necessity. I’ve decided to make the fruit of these efforts publicly available at no charge, under the Creative Commons license.

The library is still in its infant stages. It presently has but one humble effect, though as I gather ideas for more I will be adding them. The initial effect is one that is extremely useful to me personally (and I suspect other Zendrummers as well). It’s a MIDI filter that will turn specific CC messages into MIDI note-on messages. For instance, this enables you to choke cymbals in various VSTs using the momentary switch on the back of the Zendrum.

Please feel free to download and use the library. If you find it useful, then please consider throwing me some loose change. A link to donate via PayPal is on the library page.

January 13th, 2010

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