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I threw together a quick template for jotting down mapping ideas for the Zendrum. I find it more useful to work out ideas on paper rather than by fiddling with trigger settings or sysex directly.

Use it in good health.

June 25th, 2009

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  • Tony Gella says:

    Hi! I wanna ask you about piezos in Zendrum… you add new piezos, or with David? David sell only transdusers?

  • I sent my Zendrum back to David and company for my upgrades. They only charge $30 per installed trigger which to me was a bargain over trying to do it myself. Although there isn’t any magic sauce and you could easily find the materials required to create your own. The triggers consist of piezos, jar lids and foam. If you’re adventuresome and don’t wince at taking a drill to your Zendrum, then it’s completely doable to roll your own.

  • Tony says:

    can you made some detailed pictures of this transdusers- i wanna made by myself, i try do it- but my results not best. I need build good keys- thank you, if you can help me see it… God bless

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