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Lately, I’ve been getting back into the DIY trigger spirit. Dusting off the tool bench and trying to complete the project I started last year.

The triggers I’m building right now are of the cross-bar variety and one of the frustrating aspects of these is getting the height of the trigger cone just right. I utilize rubber grommets and nylon spacers in my design to reduce vibration and increase isolation between the head and rim sensors. Finding the right size spacers can be a pain and even more than that can quickly run into money as most hardware stores insist on selling them individually and at a premium.

Well, today by happenstance I stumbled on a spool of polyethylene tubing in the plumbing aisle and the heavens opened. This stuff, when cut to length is virtually indistinguishable from nylon spacers. It handles being compressed like a champ, I can cut it to exactly the length I need and best of all it’s damn cheap. If you’re using plastic spacers in your designs you should do yourself a favor and pick some up. Why continue buying milk when you can have the cow!

April 13th, 2009

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