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I’ve finally begun work on the electronic conversion of the kit I purchased a while back. I’m starting with the high tom (10″) since it should be the easiest to convert.

Here are some pictures of the procedure.

Unfortunately, pics of the early stages didn’t turn out right, so we skip ahead a bit to the middle. No biggy, you just miss watching me removing and polishing all the hardware, outfitting the crossbar and soldering in the triggers. I’ll document these steps better with the other drums in this kit.

This first pic is from after I had completed the wiring, but hadn’t secured it all yet:

The crossbar is made of from track-lighting, one dollar per foot on clearance. This is aluminum with a black enamel finish and is quite strong and lightweight. It’s secured to the shell using truss clips that I spray painted with black enamel to match.

Here’s a shot of the shell outfitted with its mesh head and rim silencer:

The bottom head is the original single-ply mesh one that came with the Chameleon. Here’s a shot from underneath:

That’s a good shot of how the hardware turned out after polishing. I don’t have a before pic for you but believe me, these drums really needed some TLC and now look almost like new.

Finally, here are some shots of the completed tom in context of the rest of the kit:

And the big question, “how does it work?”…

well, the triggering is somewhat decent, but it’s a little too hot.. and there is this metallic clicking sound when hitting the head. I think the crossbar needs to be a bit more mechanically isolated from the shell. I’ve picked up various rubber washers and grommets and am experimenting with this. More on the results later.

October 7th, 2007

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