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Throw a bunch of actuators on an acoustic kit and now you don’t even need a live drummer to play em… neat.


Would sure be a lot of fun to set one of these kits up on stage and then use a zendrum to slave it. Sort of a remote controlled drumset. shweet.

October 8th, 2007

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I’ve finally begun work on the electronic conversion of the kit I purchased a while back. I’m starting with the high tom (10″) since it should be the easiest to convert.

Here are some pictures of the procedure.

Unfortunately, pics of the early stages didn’t turn out right, so we skip ahead a bit to the middle. No biggy, you just miss watching me removing and polishing all the hardware, outfitting the crossbar and soldering in the triggers. I’ll document these steps better with the other drums in this kit.

This first pic is from after I had completed the wiring, but hadn’t secured it all yet:


October 7th, 2007

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