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One of the more pointlessly time-consuming aspects of setting up an electronic kit is plugging everything into the module. For trigger inputs alone there are 16 cables that you need to plug in for a Roland TD-20. Digging around in a bundle of 16 jacks and plugging them all in can be a major drag, worse still, if you should mix two up and don’t have enough time for a sound-check so that you can discover the mix-up, you’re gonna be in for an interesting show.

Enter the Kable Keeper!

My loving wife put these together to help me out.

They are simply loops of elastic with 4 channels sewn in, allowing me to insert 4 plugs. The plugs stay snug in the channels and allow me to easily plug and unplug them while still keeping them in order. This has eliminated the hunt-n-peck aspect of jackin’ in and has sped up my setup time. Woot!

September 24th, 2007

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