All things percussive
ZenEdit GUI Editor
A full featured editor for Z4-based Zendrums.
Nebiru JS Effect Library
An effect library, written for Cockos Reaper.
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Zendrum Trigger Template
Tony said: can you made some detailed pictures of this transdusers- i wanna made by myself, i try do it- but m... [More]

Zendrum Trigger Template
Darin Kadrioski said: I sent my Zendrum back to David and company for my upgrades. They only charge $30 per installed t... [More]

Zendrum Trigger Template
Tony Gella said: Hi! I wanna ask you about piezos in Zendrum... you add new piezos, or with David? David sell only tr... [More]

Even more past audio
Colleen Marshall said: Seems a bit more soulful than your other techno stuff. A little too much ebow. I liked the other st... [More]

Has it really been 25 years?
Colleen Marshall said: How rude.They serve beer at Chuck E Cheese? As you can see its been a while since I ve been there to... [More]