Here are some samples of tracks I've played on throughout the years, warts and all.

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Mud Soup


"Jack Jenkin's Last Ride"


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The Stormy Weathermen


"In the Median"

These tracks were all recorded live, outdoors with a couple of mics. Not the clearest of recordings and somewhat muddied, but you get the picture. [download]

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MayFly & the BlueNotes


"Disappoint You"

Lately I've been rediscovering my love of having various percussion items to the left of my hats. Whereas I've definitely overused tambourine in my younger days, I sure do like what it adds to this song. [download]

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Electric Mandolin Project

   (New Age)

"The Wood For the Trees"

These are some snippets from an instrumental project I was involved in one summer. The group consisted of mandolin, bass and zendrum, along with sequenced keyboard tracks. Every song was played to a click track which I had incessantly chirping through my wireless IEM. Nearly drove me mad, but was still quite fun. [download]

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Lotus Dog



Super fun song to play on Zendrum once it kicks in. Basically I played the groove on my right hand while my left was all over the toms. [download]

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No Name 1


"Track 01"

Interesting improvisation involving delay and e-bow. [download]

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Peter Jaret


"Whisper Not"

By Benny Golson. [download]

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Voodoo Saints


"Many Miles"


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Stan Shook


"Hey Brother"

Bouncy, jazzy tune in 3/4 (or 6/8 depending on your bent). [download]

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Dan Lavorel


"Paradise Lost"

Sample-wise, I really phoned this one in. The drums I used were exactly the same as the ones from "That's the Spirit" with Hadley Hill (see below), although they seem to match the mood of the song well enough. The doublebass at the end of the heightened sections was a bit sloppy, but I later got better at these. [download]


Hadley Hill


"The Final Nail"

This was our heaviest tune, although it certainly doesn't start out that way. The beginning consists of just light hihat and cross sticking, but by the end of the song I'm wailing on pretty much every surface I've got! [download]

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Article 134


"Rio II"

This was meant as an homage to Duran Duran's classic 'Rio'. I tried to include bits from the original back into it. The driving 16th notes kinda got lost in the wash, but still add to the tension of the breakdown when they are absent. The flirty double-time feel at the end is another of my old 90s tricks, where I'd often double or even invert the back-beats during bridges. Note that the 4 quarter notes at the beginning are not meant to be part of the final song. These were audible queues used for layering the keyboard tracks. [download]

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Motion Control



I really liked the tightness of the drums on this one.. the cross-sticking, the tom flams and the syncopated breakdown in the middle. My splashes make a rare appearence in here as well. There is a false ending followed by an instrumental breakdown. About as classy as we got on this album. [download]

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Wallace Hartley


"God Strike Me Down"

What a great tune! This one sums up my 90's era drumming in one neat package. The intro is easily one of my all time favs. I'm sure I could improve on it today, but it's not too shabby where it is. Other notable points are the hi-hat barking on the accents, the 'ands' on the ride bell and the open armed tambourine and tom fills. The back and forth half-time feel is a great device as well. I used that one to excess in an even older project called Mesa that I did with a fella named Joe Hoffman. I don't have any surviving material from that era though. [download]

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